What Subaru Are You?

Driving is about more than getting from A to B. The right car is a lifestyle choice and an enriching experience. Put yourself in the driving seat of a Subaru, featured on iTS COOLER, and accelerate into the future of pure motoring joy. To own a Subaru is to fall in love with the road and unleash your spirit of adventure, passion for travel and feeling of confidence on the road.

A feat of quality engineering, expressive design and expert craftsmanship, the Japanese brand has been producing motors since 1950; appealing to motorists who appreciate cutting-edge manufacturing with brand DNA; integrating safety and reliability for peace of mind on the road.

What kind of Subaru are you? If you were a car what type of model would you be? A family style where comfort, convenience and kid-friendly features are highlighted? Or are you any of the following:

The Adventurer: You love to explore new experiences and were born to travel. You look for inspiration in the world around you and want to go beyond where you have been before. If you want the flexibility to take along your loved ones too you are a Subaru Forester. If you have a more rugged sense of get-up-and-go you are probably more of a Subaru Outback. If you are outdoorsy with an urban style you are a Subaru XV.

The Perfectionist: Everything you do has to excel and you want to live life to the full to the best of your ability. You want to look great and perform well and are a fantastic multitasker.  You are undoubtedly a full-of-ambition and promise 5-door Subaru Levorg; a feel-good car that is all about striving for more.

The Thrill Seeker: You do what you want. You do not compromise. You live life without looking back. Life is an exhilarating ride and you make it the most exciting, invigorating and full-on experience it could possibly be. You want to live each day at full throttle. You are a Subaru WRX sedan; powerful and in control with the charisma and looks to match.

The Passion Lover: You approach life with a playful, fun joie de vivre and everything you do is designed to enhance your enthusiasm by getting close to the action, going through life with a light-hearted attitude and responding with your whole being to whatever is round the corner. You are a Subaru BRZ coupé.

The sleek design of the Subaru BRZ is guaranteed to turn heads.

If you enjoyed the blog post and you have the time to email us, we’d love to hear what kind of Subaru you are. If you would also like to arrange a test drive, be sure to contact us at iTS COOLER where we will arrange a personal test drive with your nearest dealership.