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What Type of Luxury Shopper Are You?

What Type of Luxury Shopper Are You?

What is luxury and what does it mean to you? What type of luxury shopper? iTS COOLER takes a unique view of luxury by featuring niche products, unique buys and labels we think represent authentic quality, as well as some well-known brands.

Luxury means many things to many different people so enjoy exploring our interesting iTS COOLER online collection. We don’t just appeal to one type of luxury consumer in Asia but we do focus on online shoppers who want high-end products and great brands that are not mainstream in Thailand. So, what type of luxury shopper are you?

The Trend Setter

You like luxury to be seen, so you love the latest fashions and accessories that make you stand out. You like to draw attention and follow your own style rather than being a dedicated follower of fashion. You love nothing better than sourcing luxury buys that are not so easily accessible in the shopping malls. You are a peacock.

The Gadget Lover

You don’t love luxury for the sake of it, instead what really pushes your buttons is the latest tech advancements and up-to-the-minute gadgets. You also appreciate great design and engineering, such as powerful cars and motorbikes that perform. Brands are important only in how they deliver to maximum capability and their high-tech abilities; function rather than fashion.

The Original Thinker

There is no price that you can place on uniqueness, creativity and expression. You don’t care about upmarket labels in general or don the latest fashions but you go weak at the knees over an incredible piece of artwork and original design. True luxury, for you, is being able to appreciate and invest in standout products that represent ambitious artistic endeavours.

The Traditionalist

You appreciate quality, craftsmanship and tradition. Luxury is a way of life for you and it defines your style from head to toe, without being showy; from the finest handmade shoes to the best sunglasses available. Luxury is to be appreciated for being understated and refined.

The Funster

So much of the luxury world is about being ostentatious and that really doesn’t appeal to you. You can still have a fun attitude to life and appreciate the finer things in life. You turn the world of luxury retail on its head and show brands that there is a new force of consumers with a millennial mindset that are seeing luxury in new ways.



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