Moringa virgin oil is extracted from the seeds of the a tropical plant called Moringa oleifera and it has some amazing oil is so high in antioxidants that health and beauty properties. For a start, that it is the longest lasting of all oils of its type with a shelf life of up to five years. The oil is also antiinflammatory, antibacterial and it’s a great moisturizer.


How to use?


Face care

After the lotion 2-3 drops and rub your face, aging care, moisturizing serums.

Hand & Nail care

Nail care in the remaining oil after skin care. To reinforce the damaged nail.

Hair care

Repair damaged hair, to reinforce, it gives shine. Scalp, few drops to cuticle, not washed away, please crowded fir well.

Body care

Luxury, an appropriate amount, the moisture in your skin adapt.



D I R E C T I O N S :
Apply daily or as needed in a smooth circular motion to lock in moisture and protect against free radicals and skin damage and to minimize the appearance of scars. Apply during and post pregnancy to minimize stretchmarks. Use as a cuticle oil, makeup base, or gentle makeup remover.



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