Logistics, Language & Purchasing: Breaking Down Retail Barriers

At iTS COOLER, we firmly believe in taking the world of e-commerce in Thailand and the wider ASEAN region to exciting new heights! An experience is what the online consumer expects now; one that is quick, trustworthy, relaxing, and convenient. On the other hand, brands look for customization options when listing their products within a local platform, reputation, marketing ability, plus extensive local know-how. And this is precisely what we combine with iTS COOLER’s luxury online platform!

Consider how iTS COOLER removes conventional retail barriers in three different areas:

Logistics: Many Online shoppers are immediately put off by complications of purchasing their products from Europe and the US. They want a quick, reliable and guaranteed method to receive their purchase at their doorstep, which is hassle free. Unfortunately, goods sent from foreign countries often get delayed and may even get held up at the customs department due to security issues. We deal with the local agents and arrange preclearance for most imported goods so we are able to overcome such problems entirely! iTS COOLER’S wide network of delivery points and staff, plus our keen understanding of Thailand’s road networks and those of the ASEAN region, ensure that consumers can receive their favourite brands to their very doorstep- in a safe and quick manner.

Language: Global brands entering Southeast Asian markets like Thailand often make the mistake of not understanding the local language and being aware of specific cultural sensitivities. This will push away many potential consumers who might not be comfortable with English. Our luxury online platform itself and live support are offered in Thai, English and several other languages. iTS COOLER is able to break down this conventional retail barrier many foreign brands encounter, as iTS COOLER has a full localization department and are able to translate from French, Spanish, German and Italian to both Thai and English

Purchasing: Whether you are an international brand based in Thailand or an international brand looking to break into Thailand and the SEA region, iTS COOLER has multiple payment methods that meet the needs of both the suppliers and the consumers. This makes the consumers’ purchasing experience a pure breeze by eliminating their fear of international payments and facilitating payments locally in Thailand. Our luxury online platform guarantees local consumers and foreign brands a complete end-to-end retail solution!

iTS COOLER’s unique formula gives global brands the opportunity to post and to talk directly to their customers all on one platform of luxury goods in the region, and to build a luxury community where all consumers looking for their favorite brand can go to as one joint community. This creates interaction between your brand and your customer whether this is through the iTS COOLER app or website, thus breaking down most retail barriers.