Localization: the logical advancement from globalization

Over the past decade, scores of international luxury brands have stepped foot into foreign markets and successfully globalized their reach, making them available everywhere.

However, most luxury brands do not tailor their marketing efforts to suit the new regions they enter. As a result, certain luxury brands have reached the point of market saturation in these new markets. Globalization has reached a plateau in such cases and localization is necessary for these brands to remain globally relevant and generate greater revenue.

Today, most luxury brands have turned to glocalization. It involves adapting international products to better suit the specificities of a local culture and enables the incorporation of local markets into world markets.

This is iTS COOLER’s forte and we have successfully helped luxury brands glocalize through:

  1. Pin point video advertising and marketing: iTS COOLER’s video production team offers your global luxury brand the option of producing a 20-seconds animated video to boost to its Thai audience and drive sales. The iTS COOLER online dashboard, designed especially for retailers of luxury brands, allows you to take charge of your local pricing and marketing efforts without interference. You can also access video advertising and banner display spots through the dashboard at unbelievably low rates.
  2. Localization of the retail experience: At iTS COOLER, we recognize the nature of the retail experience valued by consumers in Thailand and the ASEAN region. We offer localized guidance on how best to offer a country-specific retail experience. We allow your global luxury brand to add your own full contact details, blogs, social media campaigns, stockists’ details and even sell directly without us intervening in the transaction.
  3. Translation services: Many high-end brands have begun to see the advantage of conversing with their buyers in the local language. It is an essential part of glocalization. iTS COOLER offers multiple translation services for your online advertising material, at an extremely reasonable rate.  In this way, you get a higher return from your marketing and advertising spend.

iTS COOLER’s luxury online platform can help your high-end brand glocalize for the Thai and ASEAN market!