Global luxury brands that have derived concrete benefits from an online presence

For many years, global luxury brands like Fendi and Prada remained careful about selling online. Due to the mass-market nature of most products being listed on e-commerce platforms and the highly impersonal retail experience offered, international brands of repute often disregarded e-commerce altogether. With the internet fast becoming the preferred shopping method of most customers, however, many have begun to embrace online selling of luxury brands.

Two unique examples of global luxury brands to benefit from an online presence:

  1. Dolce & Gabbana: A fashion house renowned the world over for their high-end products, for yearsthey were wary of going online due to worries of how online selling could hinder their brand image of exclusivity and the in-store retail experience they carefully crafted over many years. They countered this, successfully, by creating an atmosphere similar to their high-end traditional stores, through their website. And so D&G shoppers, old and new alike, flocked to their online store with equal zeal! Similarly, with iTS COOLER’s sleek design, luxury retail experience, and level of customer service, an environment similar to that of a high-end physical store is created, for consumers of your brand to comfortably browse and purchase in.
  2. CHANEL: Luxury heavyweights, they didn’t pursue online sales initially, for fear of having to relinquish control over its brand image and pricing to retailers. Incorporating a purpose-built online hosting framework designed by IBM, Chanel created an “e-boutique”. This allows retailers they partner with, the option of easily plugging in a CHANEL-approved e-commerce module into their existing websites. The e-boutique module unobtrusively leads consumers browsing independent retail websites to a website handled by CHANEL. This gives them the traditional control they require to maintain their brand image (as with in-store sales). CHANEL’s reach has magnified while further cementing their brand image of luxury. With iTS COOLER’s simple online Retailer dashboard built especially for retailers, you can enjoy similar control over how you reinforce your brand’s image online. You can do so by placing video advertisements, employing other marketing tools, controlling your pricing strategy, and by selling directly to your customers.

A luxury online platform like iTS COOLER is, therefore, the ideal retail solution for a global luxury brand to enter and maintain an online presence in the Thai and ASEAN market!