iRobot®Mirra® 530 Pool Cleaning Robot


iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot deep cleans pool surfaces and water automatically, without using the pool’s filtration system, hoses or booster pumps.


Take the work out of cleaning your pool with Mirra, the easiest pool cleaning robot to use and maintain. Mirra scrubs away dirt and bacteria as small as two microns, providing complete pool coverage and a thorough cleaning through its iAdapt® Nautiq Responsive Cleaning Technology. And because Mirra has a self-contained vacuum, pump and filter system, it won’t strain existing systems, resulting in energy-cost savings.

Features and Specs

  • Cleans any type of in-ground pool. Just plug in the 60-foot floating power cord, drop Mirra into the pool, push the CLEAN button and Mirra gets to work.
  • iAdapt Nautiq allows the robot to size up the approximate dimensions of the pool – then choose the optimum cleaning cycle for maximum efficiency and thorough cleaning by making multiple passes over the entire inside of the pool.
  • Pumps and filters 70 gallons of pool water per minute.
  • Reduces heated hot spots and keeps chlorinated water evenly distributed.
  • PVC active scrubbing brush lifts dirt, algae and bacteria off the pool floor and walls.
  • Modern styling and aesthetic.
  • Dual top-load filter canisters for easy and fast emptying of debris. Optional large debris canisters available for heavy pool clean-ups, like during the fall season.
  • PVA wheels provide sponge-like traction on slick pool surfaces like ceramic or vinyl. Optional rubber wheels provide optimum performance on rough surfaces like gunite.
  • Two quick-drain valves allow for fast draining and lightweight removal of Mirra from the pool.
  • Optional carrying caddy for easy storage.


  • 1. Power Supply
  • 2. Dual Top-Load Filter Canisters
  • 3. 18.3m Floating Power Cord with Swivel Detangler
  • 4. Active Spinning Scrub Brush


  • 1. Fine Filter Canisters
  • 2. Storage Caddy
  • 3. Large Debris Filter Canisters
  • 4. Scrub Brush
  • 5. Rubber Wheels


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