How to decide on the ideal online platform to list, market, and sell global brands

Entering a foreign market can be a daunting task even for well-established, international brands. Selecting an appropriate ecommerce platform is a crucial part of one’s market entry. Platforms such as Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon are, now, household names in Thailand and the region; however, luxury brands are often careful about the online platforms they use to list, market and sell their products, due to their brand’s identity and its perception among foreign consumers. Choosing an appropriate ecommerce platform is, therefore, an integral part of selling global brands in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

The checklist below will assist you in selecting the ideal online platform for your global brand:

  1. Great listings: The largest ecommerce platforms thrive on volume. They provide brands the option of uploading their entire catalogue of products. This may serve the purpose of brands marketing undifferentiated, generic products; but, it doesn’t help the cause of luxury brands. iTS COOLER facilitates great listings which incorporate relevant keywords, high quality images, blogs and videos. This adds value to your product.
  2. Customer service: Communicating with your customers is important to determine what your brand can improve. iTS COOLER’s luxury online platform enables you to communicate directly with your customers in English and Thai (with several translation options).
  3. Local knowledge: Big name online platforms lack proper knowledge on the local culture and their specific purchasing habits. Local know-how is important when selling global brands in a foreign market. iTS COOLER combines the advantages of international ecommerce platforms, an intricate understanding of Thailand and Southeast Asia, plus the luxurious interface essential for the sale of high-end global brands.
  4. Delivery options: Most online platforms deliver goods in foreign markets through international package delivery companies. This is time consuming for the buyer and involves expensive fees. iTS COOLER delivers your brand’s products right to the consumers’ doorstep in Thailand and the ASEAN region, with no additional charges.
  5. Value-added services: Most reputed online platforms offer very little to the consumer in addition to the products listed. Modern consumers expect much more. iTS COOLER maintains a lifestyle and luxury consumer products blog to ensure a more comprehensive retail experience!

iTS COOLER is the ideal luxury online platform for your global brand to enter Thailand and the ASEAN region!