iTS COOLER to market brands in curated collections

Think of the world of e-commerce as a huge shopping space where customers are led down various corridors to either huge warehouses packed with goods or niche boutiques. Even for the most digitally savvy shopper, the online retail experience can be daunting and somewhat exhausting. Walkways lead to dead-ends where consumers don’t find what they want, blind alleys where they struggle to see what’s available and bargain basements full of tat.

For businesses who are proud of what they produce and are passionate about reaching out in a more personalized way to would-be customers, the way forward is through a curated collection like iTS COOLER. For brands that are less about the mass market and more about quality and relationship, this more selective platform, whereby items are personally selected, can work wonders.

A niche platform acts as an influencer: Marketing brands in 2017 and beyond is less about businesses throwing themselves at the mercy of the big dog-eat-dog online platforms and more about finding sites that are regarded as influencers and are directly relatable to shoppers. iTS COOLER focuses on luxury products for the Thai market from the UK; France; Italy; Spain; Germany; and the USA.

Hand-picked brands and products inspire trust and loyalty: By selecting each and every product and brand that is represented on its site, iTS COOLER is gaining a reputation amongst followers and fans as a go-to site for its emphasis on quality; as well as on sourcing original, interesting and stylish brand names.  

Niche websites can reach target markets more easily: In the age of data overload, luxury brands need to be well placed in the e-commerce marketplace. This protects brand identity and also enables businesses to connect with the right market through a channel that has a narrower and more precise aim. iTS COOLER is identified by consumers as a place to find really cool luxury products and is marketed continuously to reach these individuals.

Thailand has a growing upper middle-class who are well-traveled, appreciate luxury and recognize the quality of brand designsmanship and the workmanship that goes into creating the iTS COOLER collection.

E-commerce is growing up and evolving into a marketplace where the power of individual taste is paramount and where personalized shopping experiences are increasingly expected. Whilst some platforms thrive on accepting brands without any sense of quality-control, iTS COOLER carefully curates the crème de la crème for discerning Thai  and Expat customers.