iTS COOLER Innovative Shopping App Woos Luxury Brands

When e-commerce via websites took off, some said that bricks-and-mortar shops would fall. When apps hungrily ate into retail markets, some said that online buying via websites would disappear. What is fast-becoming apparent though is that consumers want choice, especially when it comes to how, when and where they shop.

Despite what naysayers predicted, digital does do luxury and not only that, but iTS COOLER is proof that curated collections of upscale items online can connect customers and brands more easily. Luxurious e-commerce is big business for consumers and businesses alike, and enterprises that look down on creating a digital impression could be turning away new customers.

At the same time, upscale shopping malls and stores are more fashionable than ever, meaning physical presence is still important. Smart and savvy brands want integrated retail solutions and the innovative iTS COOLER App is wooing luxury brands for many retail-worthy reasons:

  • Geo tagging: iTS COOLER App users are sent audio, visual and SMS alerts and notifications when they are close to a brand’s store or stockist using the latest mapping technology; giving brands access to target would-be customers nearby.
  • Global: The iTS COOLER App is marketed for global users and perfect for jet-set shoppers who buy offline during their travels and those who want to shop online on the go; meaning brands have further reach.
  • Omni channel: With an ability to purchase online or simply press a button to find out offline contact information, stores, stockists and maps, the iTS COOLER App is all about the shopper experience; allowing brands to offer a 360-degree retail shopping trip.
  • Low cost: Free for users, the iTS COOLER App operates a three-tier system for retailers, to give them greater flexibility on how they interact with customers. Value is not just about cost but also ROI potential to grow sales too.
  • Retailer dashboard: An intuitive interface and app system, enables brands to control their own pricing and marketing so that they can offer iTS COOLER App users exclusive offers, update them on new products and communicate directly with them as well as connect through social media, blogs and video content.
  • No commissions: Since brands sell directly to customers there are no extra or hidden charges such as commission for businesses being represented on the iTS COOLER App. Meanwhile, retailers are paid in their own currency without delay.

Download the iTS COOLER App today, free on Android and iOS.


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