Why iTS COOLER is the coolest retail platform in Thailand

The clothes and accessories you wear, the music you listen to, the online blogs you follow, etc., all heavily influence how you are perceived by others. iTS COOLER believes that being cool and exclusive are lifestyle choices. Quick, unrestricted access to high-end brands from the international market are important factors in leading a lavish lifestyle of this nature. Thailand’s population dresses extremely stylishly, and the men and women often set the tone for others in the ASEAN region to follow. The country’s appetite for luxury is ever increasing and their platform of choice to maintain their luxurious lives is becoming iTS COOLER, as we connect them to the global brands that lead style and fashion statements worldwide.


Here are some reasons why:


  1. Snazzy website: iTS COOLER’s luxury online platform is sleek, stylish and modern. It uses a minimalist design to remain user friendly and offer clean spaces when making your purchases online. We are easy on the eyes!
  2. Niche global brands: We bring the most luxurious and trendy mid to high-end brands from countries like France, USA, and Germany. We work with only the best brands to ensure that we remain exclusive and constantly offer you a niche experience.
  3. Quick online purchases: Nothing says ‘cool’ like a modern, fast paced lifestyle! We facilitate this with online browsing, local online payments and Thailand and ASEAN wide home delivery.


In competitive markets like Thailand, brands and suppliers cannot compete on price alone. Factors such as quality, convenience, value addition and customization are required to stand out from the crowd. Providing an online retail experience can help! Our luxury online platform gives brands the leverage to differentiate themselves and discerning consumers the lifestyle options to assert their identity. So, of course iTS COOLER to shop online in Thailand!