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Brands That Define First Impressions

Brands That Define First Impressions

You’ve only got one chance to make a first impression, and according to research, just to narrow that opportunity down even further, you’ve only got about seven seconds too. Your character and style as well as attributes, sensitivities and overall persona come down to quick-fire calculations, often before you’ve even uttered a single word. The reality is, that when it comes to shaping how you project yourself, looks matter, and your image is actually intrinsically linked to the way you present yourself, including your choice of clothes and accessories.

You Are The Ultimate Brand

iTS COOLER is something of a style guide, bringing you brands that can become part of a bigger brand story…you. Think about it. What do your shoes, clothes, watch, bag and even sunglasses say about you? Do they express that you are an individual with an eye for quality? Do they show your fun, creative side? Whether in personal relationships, professional life or just in general, being aware of what brands identify you as you is about taking control before boldly going out into the world.

Brand Tips To Creating Your Image

Impressions are in the eye of the beholder, so put the right brand in other people’s field of vision with some iTS COOLER branding tips on how to create certain impressions.

A Consummate Professional: Whilst you appreciate style, real quality and workmanship are held in high esteem. You appreciate the finer things in life rather than passing fashion and whimsy. Adopt classic brands that add gravitas to your look with traditional labels and timeless pieces that resonate with authentic heritage and a solid, dependable approach.

 A Confident Woman: A woman’s handbag can be her best branding ally, one that goes way beyond simply matching an outfit and an occasion. Brandish the right bag to make a statement about who you are, how you see yourself and even your attitude to life. Match the way you move to how a handbag makes you feel and express yourself in your own inimitable style.

 A Creative Visionary: Those who simply layer on brands regardless can easily devalue both themselves and the products too. No amount of glitter can make tarnished gold sparkle. To express an artistic streak or an ability to think outside the box, do exactly that. Look for innovative brands that present an interesting design, a new concept or a contemporary interpretation of a classic.


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