Promote Your Brand Online

5 Reasons to Promote Your Brand Online

In a digital landscape that involves strategies such as influencer marketing, content marketing, and viral marketing, the opportunities for your brand to stamp its authority are endless.


iTS COOLER, in addition to being a luxury online platform, allows big name global brands to benefit from the immense potential for brand promotion that the internet holds.


A list of 5 compelling reasons to promote your brand online follow:

  1. Online over offline: The exponential increase of internet users due to the lower cost of obtaining current and accurate information online, over offline methods such as the radio, newspaper, and television, creates greater chances for visibility. This equates to more conversions from potential to actual customers and purchases. iTS COOLER’s network of customers will provide your global brand with a head start in terms of greater local visibility, immediately.

  2. Target the exact market you want: Online social media allows you to target the exact people you want to draw to your brand. This eliminates the waste cost factor involved when promoting Levis jeans through a Thai television commercial to both individuals who associate and don’t associate with the brand, for example.

  3. Actual insight and statistics: Actual insight allows you to gauge how each strategy leads to a specific result. iT’S COOLER facilitates this by enabling brands to monitor their ROI and also to identify how much traffic their product listings are receiving and from where.

  4. Direct communication with customers: The interactive nature of the internet allows customers to comment on your brand’s blog and for you to present questions about your brand through social media. This is not possible in real time through conventional, offline media. The iTS COOLER forum supports such communication between its Thai end-users or consumers and member brands. It allows your global luxury brand to post regular product listings in the form of image and video content and communicate with your Thai customers.

  5. Brand awareness and identity: Online media can be utilized to enhance brand awareness. Promoting your brand online through a luxury online platform like iTS COOLER will allow your global brand to tap into its local market reach, and will also lead to positive brand perceptions among Thais and an identity of luxury, relevance and dynamism.

As a result, many brands have made the transition to maintaining an active online presence while benefiting from the different avenues for brand promotion that the internet now provides.