10 Reasons to Love iTS COOLER

In a little over a month since its official launch, iTS COOLER has managed to capture the hearts and attention of several global brands and consumers in Thailand and the ASEAN region alike, by offering a luxury online platform that is chic, high-tech and practical. Top among the reasons to love iTS COOLER are the following 10:

  1. Experience: iTS COOLER creates an experience in addition to being a luxury online store, through its blog posts on fashion and lifestyle topics as well as the interactive opportunities it provides!
  2. Trust: E-commerce places heavy importance on trust, and iTS COOLER promises this through the ability to make secure online payments locally.
  3. Relaxing: You can forget work-induced stress, plus other daily concerns, and browse through a range of luxury products in a soothing environment. Keep calm and shop on!
  4. Control: You choose which branded items to list on iTS COOLER, and you can provide your store details and even include a direct link to your website. Your brand is King at iTS COOLER!
  5. Customizable: Your product descriptions, peak listing times and every other e-commerce variable can be changed according to your liking!
  6. Attractive: An eye-catching design focused interface! The Thailand-based luxury online platform’s website is hip and intriguing for those of all age groups.
  7. Variety: You can choose from an entire range of quality, luxury products categorized by the country of origin. Goods from the United Kingdom, Germany or the USA, all within the reach of your fingertips! Variety is indeed the spice of life!
  8. Interactive space: It is a meeting place for leading, international luxury brands and discerning customers who demand quality consumer goods in Thailand and the wider ASEAN region.
  9. User-friendly: Easy to navigate iTS COOLER due to it being detailed yet uncluttered, and the adoption of a trendy, minimalist design.
  10. Languages: The luxury online platform provides language capabilities in several languages, such as Italian, Thai, French, Spanish, English, and German. And it also offers customer support in English and Thai to ease the purchase experience for both locals and expatriates. More inclusive and understanding!

iTS COOLER strives to be a luxury online platform championing the best interests of both global brands and consumers. So what’s not to love??