10 Reasons Brands Love iTS COOLER

Luxury brands are realizing the value of reaching out to discerning consumers online. Easier said than done! Many companies aren’t sure how to leverage digital marketing potential in new markets and marketplaces; such as consumers in Thailand through eCommerce channels.
iTS COOLER is a brand new digital shopping platform launching in Thailand in July 2017. Brands are already being wooed and falling in love with this Thai company, owned and operated by an international team for so many reasons:
  1. Penetrating the Thai market: With a population of some 68 million and hundreds of thousands of expats, Thailand is experiencing a growth of upwardly mobile consumers; proving to be a tantalizing market for quality brands. iTS COOLER cuts through language and logistics barriers and is solely focused on the Thai market.
  2. Luxury-brand focused: The platform is wide in terms of product choice which includes fashion, lifestyle, electronics and consumer goods from brands and manufacturers. The common factor is that iTS COOLER only sells direct from the brands in the mid-to-high-end items, giving the site a strong identity.
  3. Market understanding: The platform is run by European Founder and CEO, Spencer Sharpe, who has a strong background in tech and business across UK and Europe and is now using his years of experience to penetrate the exciting Kingdom of Thailand.
  4. Reflects Thailand’s eCommerce boom: With one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia and beyond, Thailand is also a leader driving forward the eCommerce evolution, witnessing an unprecedented boom in online retail behavior.
  5. Affordable access: Physical buildings are expensive. A platform that offers a low-cost, flat-rate fee in a digital environment, as well as managing all import, tax and delivery charges, creates a more manageable route for brands to test the Thai retail market.
  6. Exclusive services: An online platform does not negate quality service such as VIP delivery and a customer-pickup concierge service.
  7. User-friendly platform: Tech-savvy consumers, including Thailand’s biggest generation of online shoppers, respond well to simple-to-access and use sites designed with the shopping experience in mind.
  8. Reliable and easy payment methods: In Thailand, consumers are used to paying via ATMs and bank transfers. With iTS COOLER, shoppers can also pay at Tesco supermarkets and 7-11s as well as by a credit or debit card.
  9. Image and video uploads: A picture paints a thousand words and on the iTS COOLER site you can promote product lines through an easy-to-use dashboard to upload video content, which is a great way to launch a new product line!
  10. Precise retail targeting: Analytics and online capabilities means brands can more easily capture peak consumer times for uploads and any advertising.