Why iTs COOLER to Find and Promote Niche Products Online

From the moment we wake we’re bombarded with brand messages, bold advertising and clever marketing from billboards to TV ads and social media campaigns. This is the reality of the modern-day world of consumer engagement. Except, in the cacophony of retail white noise, consumers want to make their own decisions, define themselves as individuals and seek out products that truly resonate.

Luxury products seek discerning customers

Finding smaller brands that don’t project a global image with hefty marketing budgets can be a challenge and likewise, boutique-style businesses can find it difficult to harness the best customers.

iTS COOLER bridges that gap by bringing well-respected brands to new markets with the power of a niche online luxury site. Consumers can shop for products that they may never have heard of before, exploring design and creativity, or find brands that are difficult to source in Asia, knowing that iTS COOLER selects brands that have certain hallmarks of quality.

Niche businesses can be found by consumers and promoted successfully online with the right platform, such as iTS COOLER because:

  • Luxury shoppers value curated collections of interesting brands which showcase quality, workmanship, design and creativity. A lot of choice can be overwhelming and often it can be difficult to decipher what you want if anything and everything is thrown into the same category. All iTS COOLER pages feature luxury products that have a reputation for being leaders in their own niche area.
  • Consumers want to source the finest products from countries in Europe as well as the USA that are not readily available in Asia. Consumers in Asia appreciate fine European materials, skills and products and there is a genuine demand for fashion, furnishings and even motorbikes and vehicles from outside of Asia.
  • Brands may have a large luxury market in Asia that is totally untapped, despite being potentially well-known in certain countries, and need a way in which to reach this luxury-loving retail market.
  • iTS COOLER breaks down the language barrier by presenting an e-commerce site in a variety of languages, including Thai, so that consumers in Thailand can have greater access to producers who operate very much in their own locale. In other words, iTS COOLER is more likely to take customers into a small French village to discover a famed designer or artist that they would not ordinarily meet on say a trip to Paris or to larger brand-oriented sites online.




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